I deactivated my Facebook today. Why? In light of the election, inauguration and women’s march, I’ve learned way too much about my friends and family. And not good things.

I’m feeling so alone in my morals and beliefs.

I come from a pretty conservative family. My husband’s family is very conservative. And here I am, the only liberal one. The only one who cares about other people and BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS. (Okay obviously I’m not the only one that cares about other people but it’s feeling that way right now).

I’m also an introvert and not great with my words when speaking. So you can imagine what it’s like when the family gets together and complains about the people protesting Trump, saying “Get over it.” And I pipe up, my gentle, quiet, little self. I was attacked. And I cried. And I gave up. Because I was the only one on my team, and with the rest of the people in this country (and world) that’s worried about the next 4 years . With everyone else yelling at me. I withdrew. I crawled back into my shell. I deleted my Facebook. I shut myself out. I removed myself.

I don’t want to do that. I want to stand up for myself and for other people. But I have no voice. I’ve been taught that my voice does not matter. And I can’t find it in times of stress and debate with small minded people, even those I call my family and friends.